A construction worker holding a traffic sign while looking at a smartphone

Street work in Soho, NYC. Fuji X-T3, XF 56mm f/1.2 R.

Small derelict house in a wooded area

I grew up in a semi-rural area of New York’s Hudson Valley. While my grandparents were our nearest living neighbors, the closest house to ours—the actual “next door” neighbor—was this tiny, derelict house.

Last April when I was back visiting family, I went on a short walk through the woods to take some pictures of its current state of decline.

Sidewalk fence and wall covered in graffiti

The corner of Spring and Wooster Streets in Soho, NYC. Shot earlier this spring. Fuji X-T3, XF 23mm f/1.4 R.

Messing around with some straight-out-of-camera video from the Fuji X-T3, shot during a weekend trip to the Bronx Zoo. In-camera Provia color profile applied, and some simple edits applied in Adobe Rush on iOS.

It’s nice to finally have a passable mobile editing solution that syncs across desktop and devices. It won’t get you everything, but it works great in a pinch or if you just don’t want to deal with all the overhead of something like Premiere.

I was working from home the other day when I heard something hit one of our back windows. At first all I saw outside were a few downy feathers drifting away on the breeze. But later I discovered the remains of this poor black-and-white warbler lying dead in one of our tomato pots.

Open gloved hand holding dead black and white warbler

NYC Audubon maintains a tool were you can report bird strikes like this. It’s part of their Project Safe Flight program, and they use the information to raise awareness and find ways to help species like this warbler navigate the manmade dangers of New York City and the Atlantic Flyway.

Building wrapped in construction scaffolding

Gentrification in progress on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Fuji X-T1, 27mm f/2.8. Rediscovered this one sitting in a pile of unedited shots from a few years back (November 14, 2016, to be precise).

Art Direction for the Web book opened to show two-page layout

What is Art Direction for the Web?

Andy Clarke has written a wonderful new book about art direction for the web titled, appropriately enough, Art Direction for the Web.

Worker with hand truck walking past mural on building showing Statue of Liberty wearing a sombrero
Stacks of chairs on sidewalk next to a restaraunt worker looking out from a basement doorway

Sidewalk scenes. Soho, NYC. Fuji X-T3, 27mm.

Vintage microbus with a wetsuit hanging off of it parked on street

Wetsuit, Eighth Avenue. Park Slope, Brooklyn. Fuji X-T3, 23mm f/1.4.

Doorway with number 301 hand-painted onto it and set into well-worn wall

Not a redirect. Fuji X-T3, 23mm f/1.4.

Woman on city street corner balancing several large garbage bags attached to a pole across her shoulders

Another shot from an afternoon photo walk around the office neighborhood. Fujifilm X-T1, 23mm f/1.4.